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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?..

Answer / vikas

there might be various possibilities for low discharge in
discharge of the pump mainly depends upon...
speed of pump impeller,blade angle,restriction in
passage.any imperfection in any of the follwing results in
low discharge.

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?..

Answer / karthick

i think for centrifugal pump,if the net positive suction
head is low then discharge will be affected.

and also if the pump is not able to raise pressure against
manometric head the discharge will be affected.

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?..

Answer / hameedwahab

Speed & NPSH(A), NPSH(R). Leakage etc.

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