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what is DLC

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what is DLC..

Answer / ravindran

Dry lean concrete. It is consisit of Crushed sand, Cement
And water, Admixture. Purpose of FILLING

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what is DLC..

Answer / k chiranjeevulu bscpl infrastu

DLC means Dry Lean Concrete
DLC is subbase for concrete pavements
the minimum cement content in the lean concrete shall not be
less than 150 kg/cum of concrete (as per MORTH)

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what is DLC..

Answer / om prakash narayan

Dry Lean Cement Concrete Pavement

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what is DLC..

Answer / satya paul

function of dry lean concrete is to provide firm base to support traffic over pqc pavement.there should be no bond between pqc and dry lean concrete.after laying dry lean concrete with the help of paver and compacted with roller passes.minimum eight times up and down i.e total 16 should be sprayed with MC0 grade bitumen primer.cracks will appear from 10m to 15 distance depending upon cement quantity,mix grading of aggregate ,temperature and wind speed,
before laying pqc ,500 micron anti static polythene sheet shall be laid over dry lean concrete.cube strength of dry lean concrete shall be 5n/mm2 and above.higher cement depends upon the strength required for sub base.max size of aggregate shall not be more than 20 mm.good mix falls in the middle portion,weaker mix falls at the ends.take sample from the end and compare with the middle portion of concrete.difference in strength shall not vary more than 6%.

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what is DLC..

Answer / wasm ansar

Dlc- dry lean conc
Large ratio of agg to cement
Tolarance 10 -10
Coarse agg. Fne agg.Cement crushed sand water
Sub-base of pqc
Agg/cement rato-15:1
Water/cement rato-.070
Comp-9% (10-12tone)
Agg sze-10-20mm

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what is DLC..

Answer / nijagunayya hiremath

Dry lean concrete is the base for rigid pavements and is mixture of large ratio of 20 mm dn. Aggregate to cement usevally 14:1and cube strength shall be 5 N/ sq mm.

It has to be laid with paving equipment. It should be covered before putting above pavement layers by thin polythene sheet.

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what is DLC..

Answer / linu t. mathew

lEAN CONCRETE is a plain concrete with a large ratio
aggregate to cement than structural concrete. It is used
for filling and not structural duties.

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