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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / sivasankari

SCADA is an abbreviation for Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition .

DCS stands for Distributed Control System.

Normally, a SCADA system will get the data from a RTU
(remote terminal unit). A RTU runs independently, except
for some control from the central supervisory system such
as fire fighting, emergency shut-down (i.e water & oil
pipelines). The communication path will be through a GSM,
wireless technology, etc...

For a DCS system, it controls the process as a stand-alone
system. It has the control loops built into it's own
controller. The communication path will be through
something like a LAN high-speed Ethernet, or other
communications network. DCS is a single unit, or a group of
local units

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / sam

SCADA is nothing but the HMI,which need to communicate with
the controller and then controler will comunicate with the
field instruments.

DCS(Controller+SCADA) its self have a controller,its
directly commincate to the field instrument.

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / rajesh kumar

scada is Supervisory control &data acquisition system
scada is a mimic view of a plant through which we can
monitor the field process parameters from the central
control room

Dcs is distributed control system
In this the whole system is distributadly controlled.
the whole system is divided into sub systems and controlled

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / yogesh patel

Scada:- is software. it is not use alone in the field
without control hardware.And it is Display unit.
DCS:- is different thing which is redudant system and also
has controller and Display unit.

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / sks

Both SCADA & DCS are control & monitoring systems for any
process, but the basic difference is in their architecture.
SCADA can be considered as a subset of DCS in terms of
electronic architecture.

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / jj


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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / gayathri

Scada = Display Unit.

DCS = Controller with the Display unit.

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Difference b/w SCADA & DCS..

Answer / vijay krishna

dcs is an electronic unit which performs the task
according to our programme.all inputs are given to it and
it delivers the output according to our logic written.

where as scada is just a software which will take the
inputs and outputs from dcs and shows in a pictorial form
which we have to develop it is only to moniter for the
process control.

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