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what is control valve input and out put

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / touch2gobi

Input - 4 to 20mA

Output - 3 to 15 psi pressure to move stroke or spindle of
control valve between 0 to 100 % Linear movement

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / mohammad reyaz a nsari

Input- 4-20mA
Output- 3-15psi

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / sherkhan

We cant say just 4-20mA or 3-15 psi. even 0-10v o/p is also there. it depends upon the application we have. if we have an i to p converter, then we can say that i/p is 4-20mA and output is 3-15 psi

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / mohammad anwar

input 4-20 ma 
output 3-15 psi

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / ayaz

please re-read the question we don't know which type of control valve but when pneumatic control valve shall write in question then we wrote the answer
 input is 4-20 ma 
 output pneumatic depending on control valve bench set  for example 3-15 psi or 6-30 psi 

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / sundara pandian

control valve i/p : 3-15 psi
o/p : 4-20 ma

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / vijay

input for control valve will be stem displacement
output will be % opening of control valve

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / joseph sathish a.

IN PUT 4 8 12 16 20 ma

OUT PUT 3 6 9 12 16 psi

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what is control valve input and out put..

Answer / mayurparmar79

input is pressure and output is 4 to 20 m.a.

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