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Define slump in terms of slump test

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Define slump in terms of slump test..

Answer / sunil kumar

Slump test is basically used for determine the workablity of
concrete. It give the idea aboout how easily can be placed ,
transport and compact the concrete.

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Define slump in terms of slump test..

Answer / los

slump is defined as the amount of water cement ratio present
in the mix it is measured by the difference in height and
accordingly the slump is divided as true, shear and false etc.

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Define slump in terms of slump test..

Answer / br kumar

slump in simple words is 'subsidence'. in other words, it is one of the measures for knowing the workability(the ease with which we transport, place/pour and compact)of concrete. i.e. more slump= more workable (user friendly) mix &
less slump = less workable(user difficult)mix.

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Define slump in terms of slump test..

Answer / sujit ( hari machines)

slump is the term oe water cement ratio in concrete.there
is diffrent slump in diffrent concrete.

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Define slump in terms of slump test..

Answer / v.purushotham

slump is measure to know, calculate and identify the mix
ratio of concrete i.e. workability of concrete.

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Define slump in terms of slump test..

Answer / viplav

to know the concret strength

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