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What is the diffence between prescribed mix and design mix

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What is the diffence between prescribed mix and design mix..

Answer / sujit ( hari machines)

Prescribed mix is some mixing proportion given by IS 456-
2000 for diffrent type of grade of concrete. example- M20
is 1:11/2:3
design mix is consider from local material to achieve
strength of respective grade of concrete.

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What is the diffence between prescribed mix and design mix..

Answer / eng. mohd noor salleh

Designed mix for which plant/producer is responsible for
selecting the mix proportions to produce required strength
or performance whilst the prescribed mixes for which the
proportions have to be in accordance with the quantities
specified in BS or specification. The producer/plant is
responsible for ensuring that these proportions will produce
a concrete with the performance/strength he requires.

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What is the diffence between prescribed mix and design mix..

Answer / viplav

given mix is prescribed and design mix is to quality and
its requirement safe is used.

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