What is difference between Step Up Transformer & Booster
can we used instead of any one?

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What is difference between Step Up Transformer & Booster Transformer? can we used instead of a..

Answer / prajokta ray

step up as we all know enhances the level of voltage...it
can only increase....on the other hand booster is placed
normally at the top of pole and it acts as substation for
lines away from main substation. its acts as a voltage
compensating device...ie..both increases and dec at full
load and no load....to the consumer...

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What is difference between Step Up Transformer & Booster Transformer? can we used instead of a..

Answer / teja

booster transformers are single phase, four winding
transformers designed for two purposes. The first purpose
is as a low voltage isolation transformer for use on 12,
16, 24, 32, or 48 colt circuits. When used as low voltage

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