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in ac system the current wave form becomes zero for every
half cycle then how can we get continuous supply can any
one answer to this plsss

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in ac system the current wave form becomes zero for every half cycle then how can we get continuou..

Answer / shyamkr

basically the above answer is correct in all means.
but i like to add since our supply frequency is very high i.e 50 hz,so time period 'd be 20 for every 10 ms it passes through zero.due to persistence of vision of our eyes we can't able to see it what's happening to the bulb brightness n it seems to glow bright at all the times.

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in ac system the current wave form becomes zero for every half cycle then how can we get continuou..

Answer / guest

For a 50 Hz AC system,the voltage or current waveforms
becomes zero after each time intervals of 10 ms(Time period
is 20 ms).

Mathematically, the sinusoidal function is a continuous

Strictly speaking, we do get zero instantaneous values.The
instruments(ammeter,voltmeter),on whose basis the claim of
disconiniuty of supply is argued,measures either average or
rms value which is certainly not zero.

If the CRO is used to see the waveforms it will show
perfactly sinusoidal which has zero as well as other
values.So where is the question of not getting zero values?

If the bulb or lamp is chosen to checking the
continuity,its glow depend upon the rms value,not on the
instantaneous value.So we get continous glow as a
indication of continous supply.But in actual,the waveform
had gone through the zero value also which was not evident
from glow.

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