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How to calculate meter constant @ HT yard

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How to calculate meter constant @ HT yard..

Answer /

By taking the CT ratio we can calculate the meter constant
u sand this answer not sufficient me pls give me example
for this issue

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How to calculate meter constant @ HT yard..

Answer / c.sudarshan7

By taking the CT ratio we can calculate the meter constant

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How to calculate meter constant @ HT yard..

Answer / suresh

incoming voltage(11kvXCT ratio/sec voltage of the instruments(110/230V)

For Ex-11000*40/110=4000MC.

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How to calculate meter constant @ HT yard..

Answer / mohamed ali.m

My Dear This Answar.

Metering Constant.

PT Ratio x CT Ratio X Dial Constant/Meter PT Ratio X CT

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How to calculate meter constant @ HT yard..

Answer / debaraj das

It depends on your building CD/MD base on that EB will fix
there Meter M/F .Other than that you need to check with EB
Electrical Engg.

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