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Which type of drier is used for drying wet material?

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Which type of drier is used for drying wet material?..

Answer / bariumesh8

Fluidised bed Dryer.

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Which type of drier is used for drying wet material?..

Answer / dinesh patil

Different types of dryers are avaiable are as follows

1) Drum dryer
@) rotary dryer
3)spray dryer
4)tray dryer
5)static vacuum dryer
6) cloth dryer
7)gas dryers
8) Fluidised bed dryer (FBD)

Different factors has to be considered for selection
suitable type of dryer as per application.

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Which type of drier is used for drying wet material?..

Answer / roshan

all dryers are used for drying wet materials.
according to the moisture content in ur wet substance and the physical nature of the substance of substance you can select the drying method.

fluidised drying
screen or conveyor drying
try drying
flash drying etc..
are different types of drying.
you can get more details from "Unit operations" for chemical engineers

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