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what is prniciple of three phase IM?

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what is prniciple of three phase IM?..

Answer / vinamra

faradays law of electromagnetic induction and lenzes
law,both law apply for defined the IM priciple.

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what is prniciple of three phase IM?..

Answer / guest

inter actionb/w two flux

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what is prniciple of three phase IM?..

Answer / ravi

Rotating megnatic field.

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1 “earthing” for bonding of equipment and circuits to common plant earth electrode potential, 2 “protective earthing (PE)” when this bonding is required for personal safety provisions 3 “grounding” for interference suppressing bonding of screens, sys-tems with ground level 4. low-impedance earthing ? 5.primary earthing system and secondary earthing system what is that? 6.earthing electrode or mesh net earthing electrode ? very confusing , simple but very informative help required ? i will be very very thankful to you guys.

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