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why ohms law does not obey semi-conducters?

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why ohms law does not obey semi-conducters?..

Answer / iamdon

Due to concept of space charge and junction
capacitance,semiconductors behave as a nonlinear
device,meaning thereby there is a nonlinear(expontial)
relationship between V and I.

Ohms law is applicable only for linear devices which has no
such concepts.Linear devices obey V=I*R relation.Here the
linearity exists between V and I.

Being a nonlinear device,semiconductor does not obey Ohms

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why ohms law does not obey semi-conducters?..

Answer / ramesh

Ohms law are only applicable for linear devices where temp
is constant so value of Resistance value remains constant

but for semi conductor device such as varistor like NTC, PTC
which have a certain properties like PTC temp increases =
Resistance increases & for NTC temp increase = resistance

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