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What is Icu and Ics and what is difference b/w them.
please tell me how to calculate a size of a copper bar for
a system or a breaker...
reply on...
would be waiting for a logical answer.

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how to calculate the power loss of cable?

1 Answers  

As per IS why should the control be taken only from R phase, why not from B or Y phase??!!

2 Answers  

why current increases when voltage decreases in ac system

10 Answers  

What are the diferences between ELCB and RCCB

5 Answers   L&T,

why need to be maintain power factor for industrial customer?

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what is induction relay

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why need of ac exietation in alternater.

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If we have to feed a housing complex having load 8MVA, than what would be the better option, either we first step down 33kv supply into 11kv & than 430v or we proposed no of 33/.44 kv transformer, also which option is economical?

0 Answers   Kirloskar,

What are the protections for HT Motors?

1 Answers   BARC,

what is the maximum rating(KVA) of transformer can be used in distribution side..(11KV/440v) and why??

1 Answers   Jindal,

how to calculate short ckt current of trafo. ex.3-ph 3MVA trfo. 11/440, impdence voltage=7.25%

1 Answers  

At 765Kv, I have seen the use of PT at line side for metering and CVT for protection, although as far as my knowledge is concern, PT at this voltage level will have huge loss and more cost as compared to CVT as CVT can also perform same function of Protection and Metering? So my question is why use PT and not CVT for metering and protection in order to reduce the cost.

1 Answers  

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