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There are two nos of 33Kv/11Kv 5MVA transformers conecting
through HT cable from substation having metering at
substation itself.One transformer used at a time another
remains stand by.Further 11 nos of 11Kv/440V transformers
are attached on it and each transformer is having its own
Power factor correction panel.Now one 33/11Kv transformer
at no load condition/Stand by condition is having power
factor in leading side upto 0.21 and while when another
tranformer at same situation have power factor in lagging
0.42. Now one thing is clear that transformer one is having
1.5 Km long 33kv cable due to that PF goes in leading side
and another is having only 250 mtr length remains him
lagging. Now i want to know that how i can maintain the
Power factor at no load/ stand by position though both are
behaving in seperate manner.

There are two nos of 33Kv/11Kv 5MVA transformers conecting through HT cable from substation having..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Pf at no load is not to be heeded ,as the magnetizing
current is very low and the ct may not measure it accurately
wrt both magnitude and angle shift

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