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where used of HVDS system.

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where used of HVDS system...

Answer / mohan

The question is about HVDS not HVDC!
High voltage Distribution system is a concept of taking the
HT lines nearer to cosnumer so that the voltage profile is
improved and line losses are reduced.
Theroetically speaking HT line losses are lesser than LT
line losses, however this can be acheived by improving the
power factor at the nearest to load point also at a much
much lower cost.
the second objective of the system is to provide the Feeder
seggregation - Rural, Agri, & urban feeders- can be
achieved with little bit of automation & on line monitoring!
in any case HVDS is a costlier solution with limited

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where used of HVDS system...

Answer / vijaya kumar.m

HVDC always used in long(>400Kms) power transmission for
ecanimically point of view.
In DC transmission we have to 02 no's of wires used
and AC transmission we have to use 03 or more wires are
and loses are low compare to ac transmission
no CU losses in DC trans.

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where used of HVDS system...

Answer / iamdon

Major use of HVDC(High voltage Direct Currrent) system is
employed in following situations.

1)When bulk amount of power is needed to transfer for a
distance greater than 800km,HVDC proves economical inspite
of establishing costly convertes/Invertes.In India,
majority of generations are located in eastern region while
majority of load centres are in western region.

2)Connecting two grid asynchronously by HVDC link.This is
called back to back connection.Such connection makes the
grid more stable as the stability problem of one region not
spread into other region.

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