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Intools training

Intools training..

Answer / newsearchone

Dear Sir,
Our next batch start from 23rd Jan 2010.
Regardind SPI training following are deatails
(I) SmartPlant Instrumentation (Version 7.0) for Users:
This course is designed for instrumentation specialists
involved in the definition and specification of
instrumentation and control systems using the SmartPlant
Instrumentation software. In this course, students learn
how to define the instruments using SmartPlant
Instrumentation as per the
specifications of project deliverable.
Topics Covered:
1.System and Project Administration Overview
2.Instrument Index
3.Process Data
7.Loop Diagrams
Course duration is 15 days
Fees is only 40k + accommodation .
Room No B-101,Sector-11, Sidivinayak housing society,
Kharghar,Navi Mumbai.
Mob no: +91-9975796100
Paresh Patil

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