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what is vector surge & vector shift? we have 25.3 MW(11kv)
generator & 11kv/132kv transformer, connected with with 132
kv grid.vector surge relay is tripping frequentaly.what is
permissible maximum limit for this.

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what is vector surge & vector shift? we have 25.3 MW(11kv) generator & 11kv/132kv transfor..

Answer / gobind

Whan the generator have synchronized with grid the waveform
have 120 Deg each phase but at the time of any fault
occurred in the grid system,at that time the waveform of the
grid voltage have been reduced from 120 Deg to min at that
time vector Shift Relay have operated.Permissible limit of
the vector Shift 8 Deg.

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what is vector surge & vector shift? we have 25.3 MW(11kv) generator & 11kv/132kv transfor..

Answer / ajay vikson


here is a useful link on the vector surge relay

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what is vector surge & vector shift? we have 25.3 MW(11kv) generator & 11kv/132kv transfor..

Answer / k.p.sharma

We have the vector surge relay setting at 12 deg. But i observe that at that setting many time tg breaker tripped with grid breaker as per scheme only grid breaker trip is required. Please tell me is this setting ok or not.


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