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how to do loop checking pls email to

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how to do loop checking pls email to

Answer / rahul

For loop checking we are having ILD (instrument loop
drawings)as a documents. for AI we give 4-20ma and chek in
the system if accordingly raw count is coming or not.
for AO we force from the system and check in the plant if
according to raw count current is coming or not.
for ESD loop checking raw count in the system(Triconex) is
819 - 4095 i.e for 4-20ma
if there is problem is loops then we go for backward
checking i.e from system to know where is the problem.
then we do point to point checking.
after completion of loop test we go for functional test.

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how to do loop checking pls email to

Answer / jeetu chaudhary

Half Loop Checks
A half loop check consists of a point to point wiring
check. Historically it is used to verify that by drawing
comparison, all of the wires are landed in the correct

Full Loop Check
The computer based documentation will verify that each
instrument that makes up the total loop is responding as

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