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21. What is the purpose of taking Capacitance and Tan Delta
Test in
Transformer bushing?
22. What are the protections to be used for Generator?
23. Draw the vector diagram and condition for the
following: 1) Dyn1
2) Ynd0 3) YnYn0
24. What happens when the polarity changes in CT? Explain
25. Explain the Term in CT Name Plate – Class: 5P10

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21. What is the purpose of taking Capacitance and Tan Delta Test in Transformer bushing? ..

Answer / prasad

Tan DELTA TEST TO FIND THE Dielectric losses

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21. What is the purpose of taking Capacitance and Tan Delta Test in Transformer bushing? ..

Answer / raul

-it is done for insulation testing i.e. to measure the loss
-merz price circulating current scheme (i.e. differential
protection), balanced earth fault protection, protection
against unbalanced loading which leads to negative sequence
-not possible to draw in this format........
-no change will occur if the polarity is changed bcoz it is
independent of the polarity
-class 5 and VA rating is : 10

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21. What is the purpose of taking Capacitance and Tan Delta Test in Transformer bushing? ..

Answer / naresh

Pole slipping,backup protection,differential,dead machine
protection,low forward power,voltage control over
current,current control over voltage,df/dt,if ct polarity
chenge in protection reverse active power flows to relay
and diff current flow and in metering import power wil show
in energy meter,for five times of primary current 10%
composite error.

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