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during site visit if i find voilation going on,what can i
do,how i act?

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during site visit if i find voilation going on,what can i do,how i act?..

Answer / binu

stop the work and record the same in any relevant documents applicable.

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during site visit if i find voilation going on,what can i do,how i act?..

Answer / alam

stop all jobs at site and call emergency meeting at site
and take strong decision to stop violation. after that
make complete document with picture and circulate to all
site responsible person

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during site visit if i find voilation going on,what can i do,how i act?..

Answer / hammad akhtar

if i found voilation at the site so 1st of oll i wud lyk 2 inform my seniors n oll responsible prsons in written form who r jointd with dis work......
dn i think abot to do smthing wid the help of their suggesions at the site.....

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