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What is the unit of inertia constant of rotating machines?
Which has more inertia constant between turboalternator and
hydroaltermanor and why?

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What is the unit of inertia constant of rotating machines? Which has more inertia constant between ..

Answer / iamdon

Inertia constant has unit of second(joule/VA).

Turboalternator has higher inertia constant in the range of
3-9 sec where as hydro alternator has inertia constant of 2
This variation is because in the case of turbo alternators
more then one(3 to 4) stages are connected to obtain high
mechanical input to alternator.Each stage has high rotating
mass.So more inertia constant.

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What is the unit of inertia constant of rotating machines? Which has more inertia constant between ..

Answer / dwivedi sandeepdhar

turbogenerator has more inertia constant because it rotate
at higher speed than hydrogenerator.

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