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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / sathishbabu t

oltc-onload tapchanger
rtcc-remote tapchanging circuit
rtcc connected to oltc to control the voltage onload

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / sanjay

OLTC is the onload Tap Changer & it vary
the taps of the transformer in auto
according to the utility power to ensure
safe range of power is been fed to the
connected load.
RTCC is the remote tap changer circuit & it
is related to the OLTC. The taps can be
changed in manual too from RTCC. Also, no.
of alarm & the connected Tap position can
be viewed through RTCC.

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / ajay mishra

oltc means on load tap changer
and rtcc remote tapchanger control circuit,
rtcc use for operating oltc from contol desk of equipment
rtcc is a control circuit for oltc and oltc used for voltage

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / ukansara

litc means on load tap changer

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / asim

RTCC "Remote Tap Changer Control" which is programmable device to control the output of the transformer through OLTC "Over Load Tap Changer" unit fitted in the transformer and connected to RTCC through control cable.

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / rakesh sharma

OLTC means on load tap changer & RTCC means remote tap changing control.OLTC change the tap according to voltage variation & oltc get signal from rtcc, according to voltage variation it increase or decrease the tap.RTCC get signal from HT panel.If HT voltage high or low RTCC give signal to OLTC to increase or decrease the voltage.

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what is OLTC and difference between RTCC and OLTC..

Answer / naresh reddy

dear friend

r t c c means remote tap changer cubical
o l t c means over load trip coil

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