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what is your strength

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what is your strength..

Answer / shaan

(1)I beleive in team work,collective
(2)I can work to deadline underpressure

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what is your strength..

Answer / guest

i am a fast learner , good listener and hard worker

Is This Answer Correct ?    66 Yes 9 No

what is your strength..

Answer / sai kiran reddy

-Could master un familar situtations
_hard working
-result oriented

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what is your strength..

Answer / narasingh patro

i have very strong value, ethics and a good eye for
detail.I am fast learner from my mistakes. i believe in
strong realtionship and have a very good supportive family
and very good friends.

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what is your strength..

Answer / bhaskar reddy

my strengths are my hardworking nature and deducation of my

Is This Answer Correct ?    40 Yes 8 No

what is your strength..

Answer / guest

i m optimistics, confidantal and good team worker i can
compare my self as a DNA structure.

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what is your strength..

Answer / ram

well, as a marketing guy i have good selling and
promotional skills. i can easily survive in any
environment. i can work hard to achive my targets intime.

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what is your strength..

Answer / sachin c. katakwar

I have positive attitude and I believe on hard + smart
working ability.

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what is your strength..

Answer / ranjit singh

my self confidence, my comunication , my attiude , my
leadership Quality & deliver of work completion in time are
my strength of sucess

Is This Answer Correct ?    26 Yes 2 No

what is your strength..

Answer / james

i am a fast learner, good listener, optimistic and hard
working. i believe in group effort. i am a good team player.
can work under multilingual environment. and i like to learn
from my past experience.....

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