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Waht will happened if reactive power increase in the line?
waht about active power increase too?

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Waht will happened if reactive power increase in the line? waht about active power increase too?..

Answer / nishad

Above answer almost correct. Eventhough I would like to add
In Load current there are two components 1> active
components which is the current consuming by the custmer.
2> Recative components which is the current responsible for
the system, lead to lag / lead.
well, If reactive power is increased, PF will be lag. means
the system will carry more current for the disered out put
the same of unity PF. So our losses will increases like
more bigger size cable, breaker we well as our
power system will over loaded. as reasult CU loss & Iron
loss will increase. so try to avoid that stage.
If active powre increase, then also system will over
loaded. to avoid that, share the load of particular system

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Waht will happened if reactive power increase in the line? waht about active power increase too?..

Answer / iamdon

Reactive power flows from higher voltage to lower
voltage.Flow of increased reactive power in line
causes power factor to reduce.For fixed value of
sending end voltage, receiving end voltage drops.
Active power flows from side which has leading
voltage angle to lagging end.
Increased Active power flow causes more line losses.

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Waht will happened if reactive power increase in the line? waht about active power increase too?..

Answer / ballaya

p=v*i*cos(&#966;),so as mentioned above,reactive power inc cos&#966;
inc(look power triangle) as voltage is constant so current decreases to maintain he given power

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