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A 3ph load of 10 KW is equal to how many KW of single phase .

A 3ph load of 10 KW is equal to how many KW of single phase ...

Answer / abdul rahman

Your question is wrong !! 
KW value does not change with 1-phase or 3-phase
1-phase power = V x I x power factor
V= 220/230v pf = usually 0.8
3-phase power = root 3 x V x I x power factor
V= 400/415v pf=0.8-1
Current value varies in both.
The only thing that matters is the load current.
If the load is less say upto 5-7Kw single phase is used because the cable sizing for such a load in single phase would be economical whereas if they load is greater than that say around 25kw it is better to divide the current in three phases.

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