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how much Watt can we fully load a transformer

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how much Watt can we fully load a transformer..

Answer / amrander singh

Real Power = (Apparant Power).(Power Factor)

Here Apparantm Power = 45KVA,
Now Generally P.F = .8

Therefore Real Power = (45).(0.8) = 36KW

Hence Full Load Capacity is 36 KW

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how much Watt can we fully load a transformer..

Answer / fransis

Transformers are rated in KVA not in KW.
As MV 400W lamps are to used and it has choke also the PF
may be taken .8. so on calculation 90 no. of 400w MV lamp
can be put

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how much Watt can we fully load a transformer..

Answer / r a m e s h

here Kva=45
p.f= 0.8
hence the total load= 45*0.8= 36kw or

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how much Watt can we fully load a transformer..

Answer / angel

we have a 3 phase transformer rated as:

45 KVA 60 Hz
Primary volt: 480v
Secondary volt; 120 v single phase, 220 v (L-L)

we will install lights types: MV 400W, 220v

so, we will be using (L-L) breacker.

How much Watt can we load the transformer and how?
thank you.

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