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why stay insulator is not used with stay wire for 11kv Lines.
Whereas it is used for LT lines ?

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why stay insulator is not used with stay wire for 11kv Lines. Whereas it is used for LT lines ?..

Answer / lalit

every insulator is classified and used according to its
capability of bearing voltage limit. stay insulators can't
bear high voltage. they get punctured or breakdown to this
limit. that is why they cant be used.

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why stay insulator is not used with stay wire for 11kv Lines. Whereas it is used for LT lines ?..

Answer / david

The stay insulator 'should' be used for all 'insulating' ie timber poles carrying any cables with more than 100v. This includes 415v, 11KV, 33KV and higher. It is a 2nd level of protection to prevent fallen uninsulated power cables from transmitting energy into the ground, creating dangerous step potentials and touch voltages for wayward humans. The line to earth voltages are typically lower than the 11KV or 33KV, and a smaller stay isolation insulator can be used.

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