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how many types 0f thermocouples?

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how many types 0f thermocouples?..

Answer / amsal zaman

these are the types of thermocouples.
1. K type. (chromal/alumal) upto 1150c
2. J type. (iron/constantun) upto 1300c
3. R type. (platinium/13%platinium,aradium) upto 1700c
4. S type. (platinium/10%platinium,aradium) upto 1700c
5. B type.
6. E type.

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how many types 0f thermocouples?..

Answer / mazhar ali

basically they are of 8 types R,E,S,T,B,K,J,N.
they are classified on base of materials , temperature
ranges, colors of wire and output mv's.

best way to remember the types is

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how many types 0f thermocouples?..

Answer / all

total more than 8 types of thermocouple is there.mostely
used k,t,j,r,s,b...

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how many types 0f thermocouples?..

Answer / s.k.kamalakannan i&c engin

Thermocouple Standards and Scales
Thermocouple Type Standard Scale
J, K, T, E, R, S, B NIST 175 ITS-90
L (J-DIN), U (T-DIN) DIN 43710 IPTS-68
Thermocouple Properties
Display Resolution
J -200 to 1200°C,
-328 to 2192°F
0.1°C or °F
K -200 to 1370°C
-328 to 2498°F
0.1°C or °F
T -200 to 400°C
-328 to 752°F
0.1°C or °F
E -200 to 950°C
-328 to 1742°F
0.1°C or °F
R -20 to 1750°C
-4 to 3182°F
1°C or °F
S -20 to 1750°C
-4 to 3182°F
1°C or °F
B 600 to 1800°C
1112 to 3272°F
1°C or °F
L -200 to 900°C
-328 to 1652°F
0.1°C or °F
U -200 to 600°C
-328 to 1112°F
0.1°C or °F

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how many types 0f thermocouples?..

Answer / hussain wahid

Total 12 types have thermocuople bit besically use only 6 types

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how many types 0f thermocouples?..

Answer / guest


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