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detail of mass flow meter pricipal

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how to measure level under ground tank ? which type of transmitter very accuracy ?

3 Answers   Biocon,

How will u convert the mmh2o in mass or Volumetic flow rate in DP Flow Transmitter. Give me the Brief explain using the formula

1 Answers   Walchandnagar Industries,

how many type of plug are used in pneumatic control valve,name them.

2 Answers   Godrej,

how we calculate error in percentage when instrument calibrat

1 Answers  

I am pujita completed Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.As a fresher i am going to attend the interviews.Could anybody guide the topics/questions covered mostly in interviews.

11 Answers  

I faced several time siemens ps2 positioner automatically getting Chang in it's set point direction after auto calibration  So is there any causes biside this or  any  permissives ?

0 Answers  

what is function of DCS , and how is it work , explain with difination

1 Answers   Bapco Bahrain Petroleum Company,

What is instrumentation amplifier?

3 Answers  

what are the following documents comes under loopchecking

1 Answers   Heisco,

How to work & calculated output of the Derivative action in pid controller (Explain Derivative controller)

0 Answers  


2 Answers  

Give me a simple formula to calculate the bore of orifice plate with datas avilable instead of BS 1040.I want to calculate the approximate bore size only.

0 Answers  

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