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What is the use of MS outlook?

What is the use of MS outlook?..

Answer / prerna

Microsoft Office Outlook is an e-mail program acting as a
personal information manager that provides an integrated
space to organize emails, contacts, calendars and other
personal and official information.

It is the most widely used email client which helps in
sending and receiving emails and storing one's precious
information as an application software. This is useful for
both professional and as well as general computer users.

It can be used as stand alone application, but can also be
used in combination with Microsoft Office Share Point
Server and Microsoft Exchange Server to offer enhanced
facilities to multiple users of an organization.

Microsoft Outlook stores your precious data on Exchange
Server as well as on your personal computer. On the
personal computer hard drive, Outlook stores the data in
the form of Personal Storage or PST files.

The information stored on Outlook may contain personal mail
communication, client's mails, important business or
personal contacts including email address, phone numbers,
home address, schedule, notes, calendars and other personal

Some situations arise when these personal storage files or
PST files get deleted or corrupted. The corruption may
happen due to virus attack, system errors or improper
system shutdown. In any of these situations, you outlook
files may become inaccessible and can lead to the nightmare
of data loss.

But there is no need to worry about as there is a data
recovery solution available to recover Microsoft Outlook
files. This solution is known as Stellar Phoenix Microsoft
Outlook Recovery software.

It is the most powerful yet easy to use Outlook recovery
software that can help you in recovering your lost and
corrupted PST files in all probable instances of data loss.
This software uses advanced searching algorithms to search
and locate the corrupted Outlook Pst files and recover them
in their original format without changing the original
contents of the file.

This Microsoft Outlook Recovery software can recover all
the elements of Microsoft Outlook including emails,
contacts, notes, calendar, journal and other personal
storage folder. You can download the free demo version of
this outlook recovery software to check the efficiency of
the software. The demo version is capable of showing the
complete preview of 5 emails and 20% of other outlook

Stellar Phoenix Microsoft Outlook Recovery software is
compatible with all file versions of Microsoft Office
Outlook including Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, and

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