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GM General Motors Interview Questions
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What is your U.S. geographic preference?


what is meant by hybrid vehicles?

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In HashTable I am storing null value..then what is the error it will show

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What is Difference between CAN and GMLAN

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How to sell a pen to illiterate ? Tell me about yourself in single word (not regular words like Hardworking, Smart working etc..)

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Can motor act as generator (OR) vice versa? explain how does it do please post the answer technically

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Who is an ideal team worker according to you?


what is kvarh? Please difine it With calculation

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why the starting torque is high in dc series motor..

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i have a wire.and the current flowing in that.when we cut the wire then why dont we seen the elactrons....

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When crude oil heated Which Hydro carbon comes first?

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why entropy decreases with the increase in temperature?

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Can some one please show me the design of a POT Bearing.


what is the difference between HV and LV Breakers?

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Which mechanism is used in automobile gearing?


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