Human Resources Interview Questions
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What is the use of MS outlook?


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what is the meaning of "gold calar workers"

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The present state of reession in it industry as a human resoures managers how are you going to under take human resoures planing at maecro leval to ove this crisis


What is job evaluation . How is it related to recruitment , competency mapping compensation & benefit


what is the difference between job description and job evaluation.

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i have done law 5yrs course now pursuing mba in marketing 2nd year now wht would be the answer why i choose marketing as specialization ?if 9in interview ask this question how to defend myself?


why did you choose human resourse rather than marketing?

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I want to know if I do B Sc and MBA simultaneously whether it will be acceptable by organization (private / public) while I try for job opportunities. Or will they reject saying simultaneous graduation is not acceptable as I have seen organization asking for 12+3+2 years for qualification. I had previously done BA (2 years) then MCA (2 years). Pl. advice.


Human resource management in retailing business


what are the ways to identify talented professionals

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What type of compesation and rewards available in most of the organisations? and how to improve it?



Whats performance management? how does it applied in the organization and how to improve the existance performance manage?


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what to say to get postive openion if an interviewer asks about strength & weeknennes?

Genpact, IOCL,


What all the qualities, HR should have, other than the one mentioned below, as all these qualities should be there for any executives includine HR, so specifically which qualities should be there for HR : learning ability, observation, leadership, attitude, loyalty..

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the present state of recession in the industry-as a human resource manager how are you going to undertake human resource planning at macro level to tide over this crisis?


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what is patent rights and copy rights


about hrd


hi im soumali chakraborty,pursuing MBA in HR specialization,soon to face my placement interviews,plz help me to answer these questions.. Q1 Why u have chosen HR specialization? Q1 Were you want to see yourself 3-5yrs from now as a HR in the company? Q3 What are your goals as a HR in the company? Q4 Whe will be my career paths as a HR in the company?


effectiveness of frienge benifits on employee productivity


Being the Human resource management how will you formulate an effective HRP Process


what is the 4 major purposrs of manpower management


what is memo & which no of memo given to the worker and termination of service.


i am a mba professional,but i ve secured 59.5% in mba.will i get job in hr field ps tell me?


What are the benefits of a suggestion plan?


How long do you plan on staying with us


What is compliance and what is the procedure of statutory compliance. Also can anybody send me the procedure for the same purpose. Thanks and Regards, HEERA KAMBOJ


Can anyone tell me what is exactly mean by employer mapping in recruitment


Where does Recruitment end and Selection begin?


what is the recruitment process in BPOs?


what are the various off the job training methods?