Business Management Interview Questions
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Business communication is very vital for successful business organization in the globalization era discuss

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Corporate restructuring is the process in which business tirms engage in a broand range of activities including expanding shrinking and otherwise restructuring assets and ownership structures .Inthis context discuss the various of restructuring

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Explain Porters model of competitive strategies. Is it possibl for a company to have sustainable competitive advantage when its industry becomes hyper competitive

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Drat the questeaniour for assessing the consumers attitude towards two wheelers, select any two brands as per your choice

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Describe the process of data tabulation using SPSS

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hi all.. I need your advice.. I attended interview for tcs bpo for investment banking process. can anyone tell me what will be the shift timings... will it be full night shifts??? they told it is rotational shifts...


hi I am attending interview In hcl for service desk itis. can anyone tell me what questions they will ask in technical and how many rounds they will conduct. expecting a reply from you all soon thanks..



What do you understand by the term Charge back?

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If my salary is 11,ooo then how much my Basic ,HR & DA.



what is the HR Metrics?

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Distinguish between Profit and Loss Account and trading a/c



What do you mean by incomplete records?



i have 7 year experience in pharma as medical representative you are fresher for area salse manager why we shoud slect you for ABM in our organization?

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What are your 3 main growth areas?



Worst ever IT consulting companies If you find any fake companies, kindly share it.

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how components may have extremely high mtbf and comparatively short mean life?


sir, i am serving in indian air force. i have to appear in an personal interview for manager in banks shortly. please provide the ideal answere of the question like introduce your self. and why you want to leave air force and join banking sector. thankyou


Hi sir/madam,I am pursuing MBA specialization in marketing. And my UG is Bachelor of hotel management and hotel.And in job interview they asked me that " why you want join this job ( marketing of FMCG And other Industry like retail, Banking Marketing etc) if your base was hotel management why you are not try for the job in hotel sector ?"" What answer can I say for this question?please reply me.


In any consulting firm, the time devoted doesn't matter. all that matters is the productivity. What kind of HR and leave policy will you formulate to ensure discipline and time line working along with the increased productivity?


what are the areas in respective department where role of HR is applicable/


Can anyone tell me how can i get benefited if I am an MBA(HR) with LL.B background?Do I have more opportunities than only MBA'S? If so which industry is best for me to utilize my degrees? Where would i get more opportunities?


a. Explain the three (3)  Facets of Supply Chain b. Explain the work of logistics c. Explain the three (3) description of customers d. Explain the importance of information technology in logistics


Which was the most difficult sale you made?


what are the suitability of the position


if you are rsm of any repoted company and also you are manage all activity of that company ,how could you manage cost and show profit?


What is the best way to develop pay systems that are understandable, Workable, and acceptable to employees at all levels?


What interests you about this job?


What is your U.S. geographic preference?


Management can be thought of as a process, a discipline , a human activity and a carrier ? Do you agree?


Tds Rates?