Business Management Interview Questions
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how a science graduate is helpful in banking. how his/her studies like physics/chemistry/mathematics is related to banking


what are the hr implications of Technical approach an External resource approach


what is people management?



What is the difference between c

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what is difference between planning and strategic?


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If I have $35.00 total bill. what is the tax and service charge? how do i calculate it? How do I back out the service charge and tax?


What will b the dimensions of a sack to pack 50 Kg cement having the volume of 0.048 M3

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Planning is looking ahead and control is looking back command

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2)Why do most of the controls of overall performance turn to be financial should they be What else should suggest

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Management Accounting is nothing else but financial & Coast Accounting tailored to the requerments of management Defend of critical the statement give reasons

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Two Companies have the same amount of working capital .Th current debit paying ability of one company is much weaker than that other explained your use how this could occur

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1) A Direct which does not does not deceive is no fraud critically examine this statement

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2) Will a pledge made by a non owner of the goods be valid always ? Elaborate

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Identify some of the major personality traits of Indian mamagers .cana manager use such traits in shaping his /her actions for better results in the organizations ?

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Discuss the ways in which non-verbal communication helps the managers to interact with subordinates effectively .How johari Window helps in communication

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what do you mean by "Closures with help of Top Management and Colleagues"


what is contract labour? Pls Spesify in brief, what is PF according to you? What is ESIC according to you? What r the current rate of PF and ESIC?


What would you do for us? What could you do that someone else can’t


1-What trade-offs are involved in (a) sharing information with other organizations in a supply chain and (b) the acquisition of information- processing technology? 2-Explain why integrated technology is critical for a successful supply operation


What is Storage?


what is the difference between trading cash credit account and manufacturing cash credit account


If you face any problem in your current organization then mention it and also mention how would you solve the problem and benefit the company? (Describe it below in 300 words).


New Entrepreneurs agengy was established on


what is your core comtetence


Demonstrate how to market a business taking into account the location, marketing mix, product lifestyle, customer needs and relating this to the overall business objectives


what is the latest model warehouse


How can i start buying a share. How can i find dealers. Can any one give me just an idea about this. When to buy ? How to buy? where to Buy ? How can i sell it ? How i came to know it is right time to sell . so that i can gain money ? Advance thanks


hi i'm Praveen Kumar, i'm selected for sbi 2010 exam. what are the types of questions in sbi? wher can i read online or is there any book which you would prefer. my number: +91 9962365897 thanks in advance


what is ansoff metrix and GE metrix.


What steps to you take to promote a business idea to your manager?