Business Management Interview Questions
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In your current position, how much time would you say you spend directly with prospects and customers throughout the sales day and what specifically do you do with them?

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Describe a situation with a client or prospect where you made a mistake. How did you handle the error?

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Describe a couple of instances, big or small, where you took a different tack in achieving an objective than was the company standard?



Describe a time where a creative approach to meeting an objective didn?t work and what you did next?


What do you think are the most important skills in succeeding in sales?

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What are your top three open-ended questions for initial sales calls?

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In your current sales environment, describe the process you go through to qualify your prospects?


What is the largest group you?ve presented to externally or internally?

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How do you organize a presentation?

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What do you see as the key issues in negotiating?

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What do you see as the key skills in closing?

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How would your present prospects and customers describe you as their sales representative?


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Describe a time your company did not deliver on its product or service and how you responded?


Describe one or two of the most difficult challenges or rejections you?ve faced in the past and how you responded?



How many rejections do you take in a typical week?


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Hi i am attended catholic Syrian bank preliminary interview for MBA Specialist office post..if anybody selected pls tel me ur final round interview experience


Suppose the price elasticity of demand for the textbooks is two and the price of the textbook is increased by 10% By how much does the quantity demand fall? Enter the results and discuss reason for the fall in quantity demand.


Under Funds Managment, where a Company can park its idle funds temporarily (like call money market, treasury bills etc.,)to maximise the returns. I need answers elaborating various channels the Conmpany can invest wisely. Any Financial Controller can narrate his experience in managing the funds, which will be very practical for us.


What is the company's desired pre-money valuation? - Venture Capitalists


what change management process have you used to ensure that change is introduced properly


Difference between business rules, performance rule and application design technical rules


What is managing business project? What do managing business project assignment?


What is "Readjusting goal and Milestone" in Project Management.


Two Companies have the same amount of working capital .Th current debit paying ability of one company is much weaker than that other explained your use how this could occur


how are the factors considered before giving credit help in fighting bad debts


why you consider fit for the post applied for?


How will you do negotiate?


MOP: can MOP is use for Industrial Purpose ? If yes ? what are the uses ? and which industriesw use ? If not use what is the reason? Can it be exported ?


market comes from ?


why do you change your present company and Job?