Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is brushless alternator?


Can the same motor be operated in both direction ?

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why transformer donot allow the dc?


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what is skin effect? why is it absentin dc system

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why free wheeling diode is connected across inductive load

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what is a relay?

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how electronic energy meter works?

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I am about to write exam in RRB bangalore for the post of section engineer.please provide me with previous exam questions



what is linear motor?

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In case of delta/delta transformer if the one phase is blown out then what will be secondary line voltage ?

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what is the function of commutator in dc motor?

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what is the significance of per unit impedance ?


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draw waveform of capacitor or inductor in a d.c ckt(during transient) with zero resistance with it(in series or parallel)also neglect resistance of wire


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why C.T secondary are rated 5A generally?

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Resistance of a conductor in a close electrical ckt is practically zero why?

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Is it possible to connect a safety device in to parallel?


how we test a 3 phase motor on single phase supply....? HOW WE RUN A 3 PHASE MOTOR ON SNIGLE PHASE. supply for testing..? how we verify of a 3 phase motors 6 wire & name thame a1/a2/a3..b1/b2/b3 and c1/c2/c3 for connecting star delta starter ........i have only 1 phase supply ? help forum..........


what are the applications of TIG welding


1.What will be stored in online ups EPROM IC?


can anybody tell me that for p.f. Improvment we use capacitor banks but how to decide its capacitance. As we all know how to calculate kvar but what abt capacitance value


Why it need to form a capcitor when it not been in use from three or two year. Plz describe it technically.


If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.?


What is your acheivements


how does commutator convert a.c to d.c?


please send previous exams question papers


Difference between on line capacitor and Station type capacitor


electromechanical relay type identification example : type=tjmh t-stants for j- m- h-


What safety precaution are to be taken for avoiding electric hazards ?


I am designing new project sub station with 220 kV / 11 kV, 40 MVA capacity. This project have many recifier sets, which can generate 3rd harmonics. Now I have to select vector group of This transformer. To minimise 3rd harmonics, what care should I take in selection of Transformer Vecrtor group? If it is Y-Y with open Delta tertiary then what should be the rating & voltage of Tertiary Winding?


what are factors to be consider in electrical installation like load factor,diversity factor .....