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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is brushless alternator?


Can the same motor be operated in both direction ?

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why transformer donot allow the dc?


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what is skin effect? why is it absentin dc system

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why free wheeling diode is connected across inductive load

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what is a relay?

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how electronic energy meter works?

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I am about to write exam in RRB bangalore for the post of section engineer.please provide me with previous exam questions



what is linear motor?

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In case of delta/delta transformer if the one phase is blown out then what will be secondary line voltage ?

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what is the function of commutator in dc motor?

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what is the significance of per unit impedance ?


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draw waveform of capacitor or inductor in a d.c ckt(during transient) with zero resistance with it(in series or parallel)also neglect resistance of wire


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why C.T secondary are rated 5A generally?

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Resistance of a conductor in a close electrical ckt is practically zero why?

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Benifits of 3ph 4 wire metering over 3ph 3 wire


How much pf maintan in dg set in 6o% load,when Dg runnig Neutaal Earthing removed what happen.


What types of question are done for diploma students in aptitude test


how can we determine size of a cable by knowing the kw or current rating of a load?how can we calculate the resistance box of a slip ring motor?


what is the maintaining Cf in UPS.


why do we put a transformer on soak before loading it


What is FM200 Gas??Applications........


how to size H.T & L.T Panel ?


WTA used cb?


how slip power recovery system work


how to measure the transformer resistance values(dyn11)?and howmuch the minimum value?


If we have 11 kv RYB Phase single core cable near about. Then wht effect and losses


Why do we perform an open-circuit test and short-circuit test on the transformer?


As you achieve greater success with the company after some years, Will you like to be a share holder in our company?


Why it is possible to use PWM with a STATCOM and not with a conventional TCR based SVC