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HMM Interview Questions
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Which company invented the transistor radio? (a) Sony (b) Texas Instuments (c) Panasonic (d) Telstra

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please send me the L&T Emb. sys. placement papers and entire details of pattren


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what is valuation code and valuation modifier in sap fico


I need your help, actually am facing lots of problem in interview am not able to answer in right way what ever questions asked about project. Could you please answer few questions? You must have seen the project I have mention as current project so please help on this, tell me how to explain project in details am prepare on HR module but don’t know how to explain it properly. If you can send me few documents like SRS, and few test case that will help me to get the clear picture, and want ask u what is tier1, tier2, and tier3 in project.


Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.


What is the difference between $parse and $eval?


am not having intrest in coding lang like c c++ java etc can i choose Testing tools as my carrier and please suggest me which tool is good (suitable for me)


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Can anybody tell me how much salary m show in my resume for expection for the next job m graduate 2year accounts experience?


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sir i want model and previous year question paper of RRB. please send it to my mail id. im a mechanical engg.


what are memory considerations of jsp compares to other web components?


In hyderabad, which s/w training center is best for java, other than corejava what r the new tools to learn in java,which tool is best & have current requirement,pls give me information about java to learn ?


Where are you headquartered? - Venture Capitalists


What is the de rating factor of cable? What is the importance of the de rating factor in cable selection?


HMM Interview Questions
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