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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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if the syncronous machine run at leading pf and as its field curret increased its armature current decreased is machine operate as generator or motor?

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what are ABCD curves in MCBs and how we observe that curves?

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what is principle of DC machines?

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what is use of governer in diesle engine


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What is the funstion of buscoplure in LT panel? which propouse using the buscoplre

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Why using synchronising methed in DG's sets?

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how to 2 phase supply from 3 phase

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over frequency is the protection of turbine or alternator?

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what are the disadvantages of leading P.F(power factor)?

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why generator is design for lagging P.F(power factor)?


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Where to use pt and where to use CVT

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why dc is not given to transformer

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Can we use a Potential Transformer for Auxilliary Power supply( Spring charge Motor, Lighting etc)?

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Why 15Amp. MCB is suitable to carry load of 1.5Ton Ac please Explain?


What Factors should we consider while synchronizing two DG Sets?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

what are pilot cells


For a three phase induction motor, what will be the effect on motor if the neutral of the system is shifted to say 20 deg.?


How to select the gauge of wire for winding of motors? How to select number of turns for winding of three phase induction motor?


In the Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive, how the Voltage and Frequency varied ? Is it varied in the Inverter part of the Drive ? Please give us supporting document if any.


what is the difference between fault current ant short circuit current?


How can i calculate the Breaking capacity of molded case circuit breaker, is the breaking capacity of CB for Diesel generator shall be less than grid supply's breaker ?


A Question Like A Wire Is Wound Whose Resistance Is Some 132. 44647 Ohms. If A Voltage Of 30 mv, 296 Ma Current Is Applied To It What Is The Resistance.


what will happen if ac and dc supplies given


What is meant by celling voltage & current in excitor ?


Mention what are the different colors on wires indicates?


what is transient stability analysis means?


i have applied for the post of RRB section engineering chennai board please send me previou papers and solved answer. my mail id


Which type of motor is used in trains, what is the rating of supply used explain working principal?


how power trnafor from 1 point to another point in bus bar ya transmission line( voltage trnasfer from 1 point to another poin)


what are the condition that makes hooter blow?