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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is Horan Gap Fuse? Where it is used?

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Difference between SHORT CIRCUIT and an OVERLOAD ?

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What is principle of Floroscent tube 36watt.

Diamiller, NDPL, Trident Hilton,


purpose of flux relay for turbo generator in power plant

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which type of capacitor store high amount of energy for long time ? ( polarized or unpolarized )

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what is differnce between grounding and earthing or both are same?

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why transformer is rated in kva instead of kw?

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what is a bus riser in power system and why it is used

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what are the sections in a high voltage system(eg:incomer,buscoupler,isolator


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what is the difference between kva and kw ?


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What are the site acceptance tests for power cables, DG Sets, LT panels & 30kVA UPS ?


What's the difference between a generator using 50Hz and 60Hz? When do we need to use a generator 50Hz and 60Hz?

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what is the difference between analog and digital signal?

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a simple c++ program to calculate simple interst with its data members as private



why we are called the 4-20ma transducer,not 0-20 ma transducer??

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

how does commutator convert a.c to d.c?


What kind of maintenance is conducted for Transformer


In EDO ACBs what is a purpose of closing coil and motor, what is the operation of these devices are they inetconnected. means if we give supply to motor and by BCS we charge Closing coil,what exact is operation is and how it charge a spring of ACB. Sir if anybody has an wiring diagram please send me the link to operate and EDO breaker.


What is servo motor and what are different types of servo motor


Why is water motor not taking the pressure? what is the problem?


th how could we differentiate between armoured copper and armoured aluminium cable what is the basic application? why we prefer the armoured copper as compared to armoured aluminium.


When a single pase capacitor run motor- run on 230vac and Case(1)run with 8 Mfd 250 vac.capacitor , Case( 2) run with 8 Mfd 400vac capacitor. What is difference between both case regarding power ,efficiency etc?


Brushes are placed at magnetically neutral axis,when brushes reach that point,the armature conductor gets shorted,but it can be seen that the dc supply is also shorted,wont that get damage? help me plz


hi friends i m from electrical branch and seeking for tech. + apti. both papers of hpcl plz get it available as soon as possible


what happen if generator of micro hydro running at only a small percentage of its capacity, as a comparison, if the diesel generator that runs on only a fraction of its capacity there will be a wet stacking


What is open delta Xformer? It's adavntages & Use?


Why AC & DC capacitor are use in UPS ??????????????????


A cable with concentric PE conductor must be used with frequency converter circuits what does its means.?


1)what is the function of a frequency inverter? 2)If a few frequency inverter are connected onto a device network,what are the two setting that will ensure the frequency inverter work properly on the network. 3)whats is the name of the input sensor for weigher? 4)How to confirm that the load cellis faulty? 5)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the weigher is working properly? 6)Describe the procedure to validate the flowmeter accuracy? 7)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the tempreture sensor/transformer is working properly. 8)what is the adjustment that need to be done when you are calibrating the temperature transmitter ? 9)what are the safety measures to be taken before disconnecting motor for rewinding. 10)whats is the synchronous speed in rpm of typical 4pole 50hz motor? 11)whats is the formula for kw, ohm's law 12)if a 3phase motor is rated 3kw,415vac,what is it's rated ampere?


What is the method of estamating of cable, CB,MCB ?