Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?

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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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what is the voltage between the earth & neutral 2 is there any continuity TO BE between earth & NEUTRAL


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what is relay


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what is over cureent protection

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how will protect transformer agint overcurrent protection


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control & auxilary circuits used for circuir breakers


why d.c. supply is given to the primary side of generator?

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what is current actully?significance of current...not rate of change of flow.....

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whether inrush current for lamps or capcitors should be considered cable sizing to feed that load.


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Wht ar the reason for low voltage on consumer side?

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what are the types of basic earthing?and why we are doing that?


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Wht is the meaning of floating neutral


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what happens to the speed of a DC series motor when series field winding is removed?

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what is the meaning and full form of AYFY CABLE?

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What is formula calculation size cable wire ?


we have a lot of model of rectifier but thyristor rectifier is the most rectifier that use in power system. Do you know why this rectifier is used?


critically criticize the application of ring main unit in power system


what efficiency at 70% loaded transformer


how can you calculate fault level ?


When a single pase capacitor run motor- run on 230vac and Case(1)run with 8 Mfd 250 vac.capacitor , Case( 2) run with 8 Mfd 400vac capacitor. What is difference between both case regarding power ,efficiency etc?


hi all i like to know vat is power plot in control systems also i want to know abt latest trends in electrical & electronics


how does WTI work ?


Whether it is possible to measure energy at the input of rectifier transformer (12 pulse with very high odd harmonics)


1.why we are using blocks in withoutgaplightning arrester 2.why we ar using bushing in withoutgap lightning arrestor


what is the carona effects meaning in HT line transmmission system


is there any role of power factor with frequency variation? and how we can manage the frequency variation?


If short circuit ratio is high is it bad or good for a machine then tell the reason...


how to avoid electrical shock how capacitor store charges wat are the speed control of induction motors state faradays law flemings left hand rule what is rotary converter wat is transmission and distribution what are the sources of energy abrevation of acb,vcb,sf6,igbt what is output equation of transformer which test copper iron and iron loss are calculated what is eddy current draw a single line diagram (10 marks) draw direct online starter(10 marks)


Starting times for soft starter & power factor is thier any standard or datas available in manufactures list. Kindly suggest.