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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate the motor winding resistance ?

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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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what is the voltage between the earth & neutral 2 is there any continuity TO BE between earth & NEUTRAL


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what is relay


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what is over cureent protection

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how will protect transformer agint overcurrent protection


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control & auxilary circuits used for circuir breakers


why d.c. supply is given to the primary side of generator?

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what is current actully?significance of current...not rate of change of flow.....

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whether inrush current for lamps or capcitors should be considered cable sizing to feed that load.


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Wht ar the reason for low voltage on consumer side?

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what are the types of basic earthing?and why we are doing that?


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Wht is the meaning of floating neutral


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what happens to the speed of a DC series motor when series field winding is removed?

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what is the meaning and full form of AYFY CABLE?

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What is the reason behind current flow(20 A) in amain earth cable of an SMDB? Is cuurent flow(45A etc) through a neutral cable acceptable?


How 3 phase invertor works?


placement paper samples of mspl company


What is the effect of positive feedback on stability of the system?


If UG power cable both ends are to be earthed or what? If not why?


Q) Write VBscript code along with QTPscript code in QTP tool for below scenario 1. Launch yahoo site(i know) 2. Do loogin(i know) 3.Click inbox link(i know) 4.Go to every page of mail box and count no.of read mails and no.of unread mails(i know) 5.Store page numbers, read mail count and unread mail count in a new excel file sheet 6.Create 10 types of graphs on that data 7.Do logout and close site(i know) 8.Save new excel files with graph


sir iam from electrical and electronics branch ,can i appear for the hpcl offline requirtment? if yes please mail me on


What is the maximum number of swithes that can be connected in series up to down stream point in an LV Distribution system?


Hi,iam a diploma in electrical engineering.rtd from indian air force in apr 2007.prsently working in reliance next link as a network maintenance engineer since 2007,can i get a job in motherson sumi.


How capacitor improves pf


how to calculate regulation constants for over head lines? and what are the regulation constant for raccoon conductor at different voltage level and different P.F?


we have an energy meter in a capacitor bank panel, So should we consider it's readings as energy consumption on daily basis. (when capacitor bank doesn't have any energy losses)


What are the main faults of DC generators?


what is tower earthing and what for it is required


Hi, My plant daily consumption is calculated as 3.8MWH but my supplier has sanctioned an power of 2.6MW per day. how can i equal or distinguish this two factors