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On what factors the generating voltage depends ? Generating voltage are (3.3kV, 6.6KV , 11KV, 13.8kV) Why so ?


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Hi I'm doing my MBA(3rd semester).I applied for the post of ET conducted by BHEL the last year.I cleared the written and lost in personal interview.Again I wrote the exam this time and cleared the written n yet to take the personal interview.Shall I disclose in the interview about my studies.What shall i say if they ask about my change from studies to job



what is pole slip ?


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what are the types of sus station ?


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If current flows through conductor it produce magnetic field only.but if current flows through vaccum both magnetic & electrical field produce why ?


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Dear sir/mam Iwant complete details of Naintenence of 33kv/433v Transformer having 1250 KVa

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Hi, We facing one similar problem in our computers i.e we are newly constructed our design department after that shifted our computers but our computer desktop screen is vibrating. we are conducted our electrical maintainance person he told that is UPS problem, then we changed the UPS also again we are facing that problem in that room only. then we put lcd monitors that problem is solved. But in other monitors why the computer desktop screen is vibrating please give a suggestion to me. Regards, Raju.N.G

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In DC motor,the field MMF is given by NI.N-no.of field winding turns,I-excitation and both are constant.Then how could the main flux decreases due to armature reaction.

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How to do bus bar short circuit calculation for 230KV/11kv, 60 MVA Substation?



Why does the power consumed is always constant even if a fan speed is altered?

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how much insultion resistance 11kv cable.

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how much insulation resistance 11kv & 33kv under ground cable between earth to phase & phase to phase.


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Formulae for calculating the transmission line losses for different voltage levels


Re: can you give main difference between ELCB 2pole And RCCB 2pole? And how this devices operated?

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what is V.L.F. testing of power cable? do you know the voltage ratings, like for what rating and size of cable what rating of V.L.F. testing is used?


Can RCD's used to protect the VVVF drive if not why.


Can clean earth cable be considered as low current cable


Why we use 4-20 mA Analog signal for the PLC input? Why not 0-20 mA? Why not 5-25 mA?


sir, what is the importance of Fault MVA. how to calculate fault mva of 33kv substation connected by 6.5 km line(single circuit with equal spacing) with 110/11kv transformer in 110kv susbstation.the fault mva on 11 kv bus in 110kv susbstation is 208mva.


explanation of mesh bus bars


sir i had plane to do some project with the base of hopkinson test in AC supply its possible


pls tell what are doing the three phase motor star and delta connetion with circuit diagram and control wiring .


What OPGW is better than Microwave or PLCC???


what is the soft starter principle? how is connection diagram? what is the procedure for checking the connection?


hi everybody how to design string combiner box (scb) internal parameters like bus bar and spd (surge protection device and fuse which place to set that,and also bus bar one particular cross sectional how much heat generated and how much power loss tell me Clearly and briefly


I have made a 3 phase thyristor full bridge rectifier. But at the moment it is working only for the half bridge operation. Both the half bridges are on operation separately but when i put it into full bridge operation the oscilloscope output is zero. I rechecked that the pulses are correct for each thyristor. what could be the possible reason for this?


what are the usual topology of transformers at different substations in the power system and why that particular topology is choosen. what are the limitaions of that topology?


why the electrolyte level in lead acid battery is maintained 2.5 cms above electrodes?


Why 3 phase induction motor getting supply in body if one of it's phase is cut