Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What products have you designed which have entered high volume production?


What was your role in the silicon evaluation/product ramp? What tools did you use?


If not into production, how far did you follow the design and why did not you see it into production?

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what is the reason of power development in synchronous generator due to saliency ?

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How is a 100 MVA transformer cooled?

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What are the main Electrical IS rules?

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when we increase load , current drawn from source also increases why ?

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what is the difference between earth and neutral?

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What is thyristor?

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What are the technical reasons for soaking transformers for various times before allowing them to pick load after a fault ?


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what is the instataneous value of voltage in a 3-phase balanced star connected circuit?

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At which conditions a synchronous motor acts as a synchronous condenser?


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What is the power ratio between power in Star and Delta circuit?

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For an 100kw generator, only 50kw of load is connected. will the generator generate only 50kw or 100kw. if it generate 100kw what happens to rest of the 50kw. what happens if we connect more than 100kw of load?

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In a synchronous motor armature current flows due to revolving flux which in turn rotates the load,but in no load condition armature current is zero hence thr is no revolving flux then how motor rotates?

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i have 3500 amp load and select current transformer and perches.how i calculate .please understand


Electrical 'C' license full abbreviation , and full form


how we design a pannel to start 10HP motor with the help of star delta starter?


substation+ plc system


why ss stablity limit is more transient stablity limit?


What type interview questions ask in Electrical technicians


when measure the core loss of three phase distribution transformer or three phase reactor loss, one phase shown negative watt loss. why??


plz tell me,ht and lt panel terminals in substations explain beiefly


Please explain the following and how these are working with PLC unit 1.I/O Module 2.I/O Device 3.Adaptor Card 4.Ribbon Adaptor 5.RS 485-FC


There is air in a room . the top and bottom of the room are at constant temp. T1 and T2. DRAW THE temp profiles if a. T1 greater than T2 b. T1 less than T2


what is plunger and what's the use of it in motor alignment?


What is the role of Dedicated earthing in UPS System?


why do we measure VIBRATION in -24vdc and why we adjust gap voltage -9vdc to 10-vdc? i am trying to get this information since 5 years, yet i haven't get reliable answer, i hope i can get from you.


What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner?


what is cause of static electricity? I experience shock when i touch metal equipment in a room ,furher check shows earth leakage showing 80ma at the DB near to the 400 MCCB?