Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what will happen if the secondary of current transformer kept open....

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what will happen if the secondary of current transformer kept open....


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when giving a supply to wounded coil it will get magnetised, but the same is not if it is not wounded on a core..and it is getiing short....why.......

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how to select the power contactor in Diffrent AC motors.


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How much RPM in Turbocharger in Diesel engine.

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What is the maximum size(MVA)of power transformer available in the India/world?


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What is the dimension of A4 sheet in mm?


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What is meant by Reactor in power system and what are the uses?


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Can anybody tell me how to calculate(formula) earth flat size(for copper and aluminium).

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why surge suppressor in vaccum circuit breaker and it is only in motor feeder why not in tranformer feeder?no surge suppresor in ocb in motor feeder?


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what is the difference between megger and earth tester?

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Why we use the D-curve MCBs in critical power distrubution.


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What is mean by INRUSH CURRENT?

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I want the details about BHEL company examination.Can anyone able to help me please.


What is the use of core in the transformer?

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What is ignition module of a CAT Gas Genset G-3508 Engine, Alternator SR4B Series. HOw its checked for correct functioning.Is it repiarable or replacable?


What is the RMS and DFT principle of analogue maesurments. Which way they are advangages. where which princples give optimum results.


LT cable fault chaecking equipment and to find out the distance at what distence it failure . Name and where it is available?


An active element is one which a. Supplies energy b. Absorbs energy c. Supplies energy and convert energy from one form to another


What is mean by STUB protection?


how brushed dc motor operating ?


what will happen if the prime mover on the field excitation of the on-coming generator fails?Explain.


how can we change the polarity of Alternating current rapidly? how frequency of ac can be controlled and changed easily?


Parts of machine and their discription in details with suitable photo


Anyone who can recommend an equivalent to Envirotemp FR3 of Cooper?


What is the basic of DTH.


why most of junction box vendors providing T5/T6 Temp class jb's for T3 area any special reason?


what is reverse power relay brief explanation and in b/w where it is connected


In case of salient pole alternator when number of poles are 4 or more than 4 it helps the flux wave to be sinusoid as air gap length is increased from center to tip , but if the number of poles are 2 how does the flux wave is sinusoidal?


can anybody sent me power grid questions. what subject should i prefer for preparation?