Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Difference between online and offline UPS?

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How to calculate earth flat size for 250 Kva DG and transformer?

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can we use HPSV LAMP in HPMV LAMP fixture ?and viseversa.


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Why motor initial starting current is high?


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megger generates D.C. voltage while earth tester generates A.C.voltage is it true? I know for megger it is D.C generator but what about earth tester?


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What is the cause for a blown fuse in one phase of primery side(HV) of a three phase transformer( 4169v-460v) in the time of closing its supply breaker. There is no load on the secondery side of the transformer in this moment.


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iam using DM 3251 voltmeter(1 percent accuracy)for 11KV system PT ratio is 11KV/110V.can anybody explain what is the max and min voltage deviation.


What is mean by Sub Synchronous Resonance(SSR)???

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Will sag depends on the Specific Resistance of the conductor?if not Why??????????


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how to calculate the neautral earthing conductor size for a 500kva dg set.

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What are the implications when the power factor is is leading condition ?

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What is double delta conection in AC Motor? And can we done the double RPM of the motor by double delta conection?


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How to control speed of DC motor with AC power?


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why transformer is giving some humming noise .....?

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when the rheostat kept in minimum to maximum position in motors what will happen?

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in a solar power plant,we are going to step up the voltage 350V to 33kv, and to 132kv GSS. i want to ask that if it is possible that 315v/33kv is not possible because we also use 315v/11kv. or it should be 415v/33kv? is it effects generation or losses?  the second question is-generation is depends on LV winding? or LV winding design for generation voltage?


What is the operating principle of turbo-generator.


neutral earth resistance testing is it possible for transformer while in load condition


can i use 2000/5A Clamp meter to measure HT cable


What is state space method ? Why its used ? Can it applicable on linear, non-linear, 1st order, higher order, homogeneous, non-homogeneous, open-loop , closed loops , stable & unstable systems ?


Why we use Electrical energy rather than any other type of energy, mostly? Explain behavior of open secondary CT and short circuited secondary PT in energized condition?


i have been tasked with a design of protection, metering and control(PMC) relay panel extension to accommodate all PMC relays.There is an already existing panel where this one will be built.What are the design aspects for this kind of project? thank you.


In my power station 220 volts dc battery set. they coneected 84th cell taped


where can the transformer having vector group Yny0 be used??


As per standard, transformer body earthing and other Equipment earthing (Equipment earthing) did not connect. but in LT side termination we are doing metal glanding in both side Transformer to PCC Panel through armoured cable, now X'mer body earthing and PCC Pane earthing (Equipment earthing) both are connect.is this safe for X'mer or other equipment?


what is thermal resistance of PVC Cable.


How to setting the volume of RTCC panel AVR (11kv) controller


why you don not show protection and type of isolation in key single line diagram?


What happened when voltage will half value of current ...


explain all the classes with example