Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Difference between online and offline UPS?

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How to calculate earth flat size for 250 Kva DG and transformer?

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can we use HPSV LAMP in HPMV LAMP fixture ?and viseversa.


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Why motor initial starting current is high?


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megger generates D.C. voltage while earth tester generates A.C.voltage is it true? I know for megger it is D.C generator but what about earth tester?


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What is the cause for a blown fuse in one phase of primery side(HV) of a three phase transformer( 4169v-460v) in the time of closing its supply breaker. There is no load on the secondery side of the transformer in this moment.


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iam using DM 3251 voltmeter(1 percent accuracy)for 11KV system PT ratio is 11KV/110V.can anybody explain what is the max and min voltage deviation.


What is mean by Sub Synchronous Resonance(SSR)???

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Will sag depends on the Specific Resistance of the conductor?if not Why??????????


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how to calculate the neautral earthing conductor size for a 500kva dg set.

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What are the implications when the power factor is is leading condition ?

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What is double delta conection in AC Motor? And can we done the double RPM of the motor by double delta conection?


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How to control speed of DC motor with AC power?


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why transformer is giving some humming noise .....?

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when the rheostat kept in minimum to maximum position in motors what will happen?

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Stator of 3-phase IM has 3 slots per pole per phase. If supply frequency is 50 Hz, calculate the speed of rotating stator flux A 1000 rpm B 500 rpm C 1500 rpm D 1440 rpm


Can you please explain creepage distance in detail, for a 6.6kV cable head what must the distance be and how do you determine it?


why a tester wont shock while testing the power in house


what is difference between cpp electrical system and refinery electrical system


What is the formula to calculate the rating of a three phase air circuit breaker


how can we determine size of a cable by knowing the kw or current rating of a load?how can we calculate the resistance box of a slip ring motor?


how to calculate singlephase motor efficiency?


A car's starter motor draws a current of 100 A at 12,0 V when starting the engine. The mechanical power required to turn the engine is 960 W. At what rate is energy from the battery converted to non-mechanical forms of energy?


What is self exciting?


Describe Non I.S. Earth System and why is it used?


How can we calculate strength of copper hich is supplying electric power to heater and in it hold the heater also and what r all types of forces which is acting on it...


What is the difference between multimeter


In ht capacitor ckt we are using LBS Panel it having isolator with fuse, one of HT fuse flash over, so what is reason behind this event.


A 10 MVA, 66KV, 50Hz, Y-connected 3-phase alternator has synchronous reactance of 0.635 Ù. It is working at full load at 0.8 lagging p.f. condition. Find torque angle, neglect armature resistance.


Hi,iam a diploma in electrical engineering.rtd from indian air force in apr 2007.prsently working in reliance next link as a network maintenance engineer since 2007,can i get a job in motherson sumi.