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EEE Interview Questions
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What is Liquidity Ratio?

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Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam May 2004 Question Paper

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Which one of the following rights was considered the ?heart? and soul? of the Constitution of India by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar? (1) Freedom of Speech (2) Right to Constitutional Remedies (3) Right to Equality (4) Right to Religion

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previous rrb secunderabad exam papers with solutions?

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Please tell me the oops concept with detailed answer

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What is meant by Reactor in power system and what are the uses?

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Explain why machinery used on a.c supply is usually rated in KVA instead of KW?

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What is provision for depreciation? What is it entry in P&L & Balance sheet? How it is different from Depreciation expense?

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what is the working principle of contactor and conditions of normal open and normal close on it?

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i am swathi, 4th year. In smps(switched mode power supply)we are using diodes,mosfets,igbts for controling of current. And my question is why we did not use thyristors(scr)? it is also act as a switch,then what is the drawback of scr as compared to above transisters> if we use the scr,then what is happening ? plz give reply as soon as possible bcoz i am doing project on smps. plz frnds i want ans for that. if anybody know the ans plz send to my e-mail id /

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