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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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I need bhel electrical test pattern & paper


how many types of ct retio

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What is TR of AC?

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what is different between neutral and earth?

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If we give the 440 V supply at secondary winding of the transformer then what will affect at primary winding???????

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If 440 V supply has given at the secondary winding of transformer at that time if we apply 11 KV at primery then what will happen???????

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Can transformer develop three phase power from a single phase source?


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Why effective AC resistance is more than DC resistance of a transmission line?


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What happens if the capacitive reactance of a transmission line is very high?

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what is the difference between 5P20 class CT , PS Class CT and 5P10 class CT??

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what is the potential difference between line and earth?

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Is there any difference in AC current/ DC current carrying capacity of a conductor .What can be maximum current handling capacity of a 2.5mm stranded cu cable when connected to AC and DC supply.

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We have given to 3phase supply to ups system & how can coming netural


what is the effect of power factor in electrical circuit ? if we mainten power factor near about unity (0.999) our energy consumption Units increase or decrease?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What is MSL designation of a motor and same may be provided in details.


If I have Energy Meter Ratio as 100:5 & Also I have CT Ratio as 50:5 then what will be my multiplying Factor(M.F.)


in ring main system we use the isolater b/w transfer bus and main bus if we r not use isolatar than wat will be the effect in our sys.


explain the process of commutation in a dc machine. Explain what are inter-poles and why they are required in a dc machine.


How to calculate the volumetric capacity of a oxygen & Nitrogen gas Cylinder if pressure is 145 kg/cm2 & water capacity of cylinder is 67 liters.


which is better to use svc or synchronous condenser why ?


What is domestic transformer? Draw the connection of domestic transformer.


How grounding is different than earthings?


how to test the electrical lt mcc pcc.


How work of capacitor in dc supply...???


We have received supplies of the ordered material. payments against the supplies also released. Where ST paid 4% against form C. Meanwhile it has been observed that 25% of material supplied was defective. Please suggest whether the issuance of C form from our side would be stopped till settlement of liabilities.


Dear all, how we select the cable size according  to current with or without including different correction factor , is there any direct method for sizing of cable... 


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)?


How may I get the maximum current capacity for a particullar size Alluminum or Copper cable if there is compulsion to use?


How to calculate LT XLPE CABLE for 11 kv / 433 v , 1000 kva oil type transformer system?