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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Is it reuired to use house service barcket for 31/2 core 300 cable,if the distance between pole & shop is around 2 mtrs only or can I hang the cable with GI support in air? upto what size of cable GI serrvice btacket is necessary?


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What is Gnat,Ant,Rabbit &Dog overhead conductor? Please explain.

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Can I do body earthing of machine by using Cable armour or I have to run another GI wire for body earthing and how many wires I need to run. Is there any rule for this. eartnig


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can we use existing 6300V alternator for generating 6600V by increasing excitation,what are advantages & disadvantages to alternator & motors of 6600V.


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can we charge 3 ph power transformer delta-star wound with neutral grounded 6.6kV/415V from secondary side(415V) but with primary(6.6kV) open by dg,what are the disadvantages or losses.

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why the transformer connected like STAR- STAR, DELTA- DELTA, STAR- DELTA, DELTA-STAR ...? why these connections ,,, explain the advantages these connections?


what is the diff between VCB & ABCB breaker in substaions? explain the operating priciples of VCB & ABCB

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explain the operating principles of CVT & RVT

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For a certain load i need 100kw load ,In that case what rating mccb should i use?

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What are protections for dty type transformers


What is Dry type transformer.How it works


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Where the Dry type tranformers are used.

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WHat is the general checks required for Dry type transformers


what is the difference between ACTIVE POWER and REACTIVE POWER.I WANT CLEAR ANSEWER.

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how we can find out the speed of fan without using any measuring instrument

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

what is the clear formula to calculate cable size for a load


According to IEC60034-14, When the vibration monitoring system required for motor Bearing. above which KW, it is required? and for what type of bearing the vibration probe is provided.


Why lose 1 phase voltage in 33kv to 415v stepdown transformer


What are dependent sources?


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what is the working principle of a DG Set, Alternator, & exiter


how to carried out tan delta test in 11 KV alternator ?


Can u Explain about the electronic trivector meter and the use of data converters in them?


why dc is used in control circuits for MV & LV switchgeras instead of ac


How to find ampere on ht side for selection of cable size ???


Can we use a absolute encoder to show rpm of a motor ? what about the condition when power is off ? what is difference if a incremental one is used ?


What are locations arc protection relay is fixed.


Why collecting electrode of ESP to be earthed


difference between the applicability of nortons and thevenin theorem


how is positive, negative, zero sequence is happen.. how is effect on 3 phase system