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What is TR of AC?

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / s.gnanaprakasam

TR is meant for" tons of refregeration"

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / parmod kumar

TR means "Ton of Refrigeration" .

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / mahantesh s k

TR means - Tonne of refrigeration

1 TR = 400 CFM = 3.872KW.

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / virendra

TR means the tonage capacity of the Air Conditioner to cool
the room of ( 10 x10x10 Ft ) Room for certain period of time

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / shri..

Tonnage Rating.

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / diwan rana

How to calculated cfm of the 12*12size of Room

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / ruel capili

tr-means the tonagecapacity of the airconditioner to cool the room.

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / harsh rajput

At 0 degree temperature the amount of heat is required to melt one ton of ice in 24 hrs.

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / prakash vagh

TR means tonnage capicity of Air conditioner to room.

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What is TR of AC? ..

Answer / kilabot

Technical Recruitment

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