Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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if only one generator is running in droop mode parrallel with grid and suddenly grid breaker off what will happen? It will trip o/u freq or stay as it is? (urgent)

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when a three phase motor in running condition consumes 2A in each phase,and if one of the phase gets fails what will be the consumption in other two phases

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What is the automatic voltage regulator with servomotor?

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in a large three phase induction motors usually the value of full load slip is


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why we are not earthing ht cable at both the ends(sending & receiving end)?


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How the neutral earthing is connected in DG alternator

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What will happen if supply to three phase motor is given wiyhout inerting rotor in it?How much current it will draw?

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According to general circuit diagram of 1-Phase t/f , why the primary is not get short circuited ,even though the supply terminals both are directly connected through primary winding?

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How can i modify the design of 3 phase induction motor to be as 3 phase synchronous motor??

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how do you calculate IKW(consumption per TR) in HVAC?

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what is high tension ? specify the range?

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i am going to correct power factor of 1600kw induction motor,when i calculate capacitance of capacitor it is three time more in star connection than delta. if motor is star connected which connection i shall adopt for capacitors and reason for adopt this connection


what is L.T?specify the range?

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Where can I get CPWD electrical specifications & Shedule of rates? Please help me


Explain M Var? Which types of problem occurs when reactive power increase at the time of full load of plant and at the time of synchronize of plant?


How to calculate no of Lighning arrestors are required for protecting 50mX 50m*20m cubical building and locations of LA?


Pls tell me whether we can use EN3A material for shafts of Permanent magnet alternator.What will be the effect of magnetic and nonmagnetic material for shafts on magnetic properties of PM rotor .


what is the purpose of slope in the differential relay?why we are using two slope?but in busbar differential we are using only one slope.why?


Please tell me the earthing procedures adopted for the STAR-STAR 3 Phase transformer in india and give a better sugession for earthing


In the ACB breaker capacity is 2000Amp but this each phase taken 1250 But total beldibg load is 600amp or 700amp watt is the problem


give single line diagram of D.G distribution form alternator to main L.T panel?


what are the industrail measures to over ferranti effect? how would the ferranti effect the power system if those remedial mearsure arent taken? how often does this effect occurs in real power system?


What is the kiosk parts, about them and their functions ? If anybody have some PDFs files or details about this plz send it on tawhidfaisal@Yahoo.com


what is the difference between RMS & TRUE RMS VOLTAGE


Shall I use 40A semiconductor Fuses in 32 A SFU ? Frame size is same. What Happen if Fuses burn on SFU?


lorteny method


draw singleline diagram of star to delta and dol starters


what are the main applications of transistor in non-linear region?