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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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if only one generator is running in droop mode parrallel with grid and suddenly grid breaker off what will happen? It will trip o/u freq or stay as it is? (urgent)

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when a three phase motor in running condition consumes 2A in each phase,and if one of the phase gets fails what will be the consumption in other two phases

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What is the automatic voltage regulator with servomotor?

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I had applied for JE in PSEB, Can you pls send me the Question bank for related to my field


in a large three phase induction motors usually the value of full load slip is


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why we are not earthing ht cable at both the ends(sending & receiving end)?


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How the neutral earthing is connected in DG alternator

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What will happen if supply to three phase motor is given wiyhout inerting rotor in it?How much current it will draw?

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According to general circuit diagram of 1-Phase t/f , why the primary is not get short circuited ,even though the supply terminals both are directly connected through primary winding?

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How can i modify the design of 3 phase induction motor to be as 3 phase synchronous motor??

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how do you calculate IKW(consumption per TR) in HVAC?

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what is high tension ? specify the range?

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i am going to correct power factor of 1600kw induction motor,when i calculate capacitance of capacitor it is three time more in star connection than delta. if motor is star connected which connection i shall adopt for capacitors and reason for adopt this connection


what is L.T?specify the range?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

why the arc welding machines require parallel earthing systems? ie why each machines are connected to earth pit by separate wires during earthing? wats it adavantages?


Why r u using pf panel. what the uses


If I want to buy a new Xformer for my plant what are the main parameter will I need to check?


what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer.


List some examples of renewable energy?


sir,in our plant we r using SATEC PM172E power reading meeters in HT panel side it is monitoring the MB data smart viewer(sever).but last one week we did not get readings inthe server only available in meeter.tell me how communicate meter and server. and also what steps we take for checking.


Why power genaration in India is at 50HZ while America its 60HZ


How does a battary stores charge in it? please explain in simple manner and in detail.thanks


what is the step by step formula for calculating bus bar phase and neutral size of a panel board.suppose the incomer of panel board is 100A..???step by step answer please


to hook up ten 50 amp rv pedastels at a lenth of 600 feet from the service what size will my service need to be and the size of wire will I have to run to each pedastel in series??????


main difference between ac and dc?


what is the reason the main breaker is trip during the motor is running? (some time the breaker is not trip)


sir please send me previous year questions of jspl of electrical section through which i could prepare myself fpr the test.


How to select the gauge of wire for winding of motors? How to select number of turns for winding of three phase induction motor?


What is the function of electron gun used in crt?