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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the method of electric earth for the protection of low voltage electric equipment

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WHERE to use CVT & PT.


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how can calculated the rating of the 11 KV transformer?


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Why do we have 110V, 230V, 415V etc. in electrical transmissions? Why not 100V, 200V,400V?

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how circuit breaker work.. what is the operations taking place inside a circuit breaker when an overcurrent occurs... is it similar to fuse?



how many earthing is required for sever room?

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What is GIS Substation and how it operate? where these type of substation installed?

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HOW many type of Circut Breaker in the world used in 400 kv substation?

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What is difference between earth leakage relay and restricted earth fault relay ?

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why synchronous motor has zero starting ?


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how to find out capacitor range?

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what happens when d cexcitation given to alternator is removed while it is running or what happens when dc excitation is failed in alternator while running?

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why we are calculating the capacitance between phase(conductor line)and ground in transmission line?why cant we calculate capacitance between the phase and the nuetral line?if so what is procedure.

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what is the difference between VARIAC,AUTO TRANSFORMER,DIMMERSTAT.

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hi all i like to know vat is power plot in control systems also i want to know abt latest trends in electrical & electronics


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

what is the difference between RMS & TRUE RMS VOLTAGE


how does a submersible pump work..?


Please brief what is sinewave


What is “pu” in ee?


why is control bus bi-directional?


What is the operating principle of turbo-generator.


what is th basic difference between a d latch time line and a d flip flop time line???


what exactly commisioning work does in electrical site work... LT side?..


one conductor length is L.and i am strech uniformly this conductor and made length is resistance of this strech conductor is R=4R..but i want to know about area of stech conductor hows it become a/2..


How equivalent impedance is calculated in thevenin theorem?


i am studying in final year can i allowed for 23rd UES of Indian army


If I want to buy a new Xformer for my plant what are the main parameter will I need to check?


Why is voltage is required to be within permissible range for an electrical equipment?


sir i want previous entrance exam papers for written test


difference bewteen reverse current and alternating current